Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Here goes!!

Well I have started….I have got some boxes out and started unpacking as you can see from the pictures below. It does not seem like a lot on the pics but it sure does when you start unpacking it all. I have got some cupboards down from the loft and luckily Dave has let me have them in the conservatory so as soon as it is all organised then I can make a start.

I have decided I will not be buying anything new as I am shocked at how much stuff I have got and not even realised it, so I will not be coerced or bullied by myself into buying anything new…..yeah right!!! lol

SAM_0067 SAM_0068

SAM_0069 SAM_0070


 Gina xx

Oops!!!! I have just posted this on the Passion for ProMarkers blog via Windows live writer. I do apologise, I am a bit rusty so I am sure you will forgive me LOL xxx


The Crafty Den said...

Looks like lots of stuff to me lol! I'm sure your vow of not buying any stuff will last for a few days :) Hugs, Denise x

Michelle said...

Lovely to see you again Gina! You have tons of stuff! You are right, this is supposed to be a hobby that you enjoy and you have to do it for you :0) Looking forward to seeing your new creations xx

Sarah said...

It's good to see you back Gina! I too have been in and out it all quite a bit recently and am trying to get myself back itno the fun that is crafting. I'm currently trying to sort my stamps out and catalogue them and am shocked at how many I actually have! There are some photos on my blog if you fancy a look.
Sarah xx :0)

Vee said...

Welcome back Gina, looking forward to seeing your fab creations again.
xx Vee

weewiccababe said...

it's amazing how much stuff we accumulate Gina - I just had a clear out of rubber, have sold over 100 rubber stamps so far and it's not even made a dent in my collection lol

Marie said...

Lots of stuff and lots of fun. Look forward to see you back in the crafting land.

Maureen said...

Hey Gina! Glad you are back! I too am trying to get back into the swing...and I know what you mean about all the stuff...we sold our home back in July and have moved 3 times so far, until our place is ready in February (darn construction!) and most of my stuff is still packed...and I MISS my studio...shed a few tears over that...but all is well...ok - gotta go..wanted to say hi!
SBS9 leftover :-)

Pysselfröken said...

Oh, lots of work! Good luck!
Hugs from Pysselfröken in Sweden

Maureen's Stamping said...

wow...hey Gina...looks like my craft room...We have moved (4 times in 6 months - long story) and am just seeing the top of the desk in my new craft room...yeah..trying to put my 800 square foot craft studio into a 11X 14 room. It will all work out in the end, but really, where did all that stuff come from??? LOL