Tuesday, 19 May 2009

No cards

No cards just a quick post to moan, my computer has conked out on me :(, I can not believe it, I have seen so many bloggers having computer problems and I have really felt for them and then what happens, mine dies too :( computer man says it is the motherboard and a waste of money to fix, so at the moment I am on Dave's work computer, I dont want to push my luck and use it too much (don't want him to get in trouble) so it may be a while until I can leave comments. I am still ok for the new blog "passion for promarkers" as I have a very good partner in crime Denise, who is doing most of the work at the moment, (thankyou xx), so don't forget to check out the new DT who will be announced tomorrow :) and a quick thank you to everyone who took the time to apply,
Can you believe I have WOJ summer stamps and the new Miss Anya sitting on my desk waiting to be inked up, but do you think I can find the time :(
Thank you for listening
Gina xxx


helen said...

rant away hon ...mine was out for a couple of hours yesterday and i felt like my right arm was missing !!!
hope ya find the time to ink up those yummy stamps for a play soon
helen x

Sandie said...

UGH!! Sorry about the puter!! I lost mine a couple of months ago and it feels like a limb is missing! I hope you get plenty of crafting done at least.

The Crafty Den said...

This is your partner in crime speaking....haha. You're making me jealous with all that new rubber to play with. Can't get the new anya's yet boohoo! Hugs, Denise x

Jackie G said...

Oh no!!
I'm so sorry to hear about your computer!!
I know I have a LOVE/HATE relationship with mine!! lol
Hopefully you will be up and running again really soon!!

Alex said...

Oh no!!! I hope you are able to fix it soon! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Biscuitlid said...

Ah bless you, bet you feel like you've lost an arm! I@ve had to start using the laptop as our PC is about ready for the scrapheap I think!

Hope problems sort themselves quickly, looking forward to seeing pro marker first challenge!


Jo said...

I can sympathise with you Gina...I've had two laptops die on me in the past 18 months and it was panic stations all round. Hope you get it sorted soon x