Monday, 31 March 2008

And the winners are.............

Well the 31st is here and so Dave has had to choose 2 cards from my March Sketch challenge. With much deliberation and with no prompting, these are his choice and his alone he has chosen .....................
SBS 9 Sister winner is ..............Sue
His reasons were "it is very springy and gave you the impression of spring with the colours and its very eastery" these are Daves exact words please dont laugh!!! :)

and the non Sister winner is................Viv
His reasons were, "that it is very striking and bold, and that it has a different level of originality" (hark at him eh!!!)

I will be posting some candy to you both soon. Well done to everyone that entered, he was very impressed and had to admit that it was a hard choice. Now to April and our next challenge, look forward to our new sketch which will be done by Lulu xxx

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Me and Goodies

Went to craft central today and bought a few goodies, I have seen quite a few people using this Laura Ashely paper so thought I would go over to see if they had any and they did, and while there is would have been rude of me not to buy some more papers :)
I have also been very brave and put a picture of me, I hate having my pic taken so this is very therapeutic for me, Dave is always saying I have an inferiority complex, this was the 33rd picture taken today and I have bitten the bullet and put it on, how do you make it smaller though !!!!!
Hope you have all had a good weekend, off to play now xxx

Saturday, 29 March 2008

My New Banner

Jo has done the best job ever on my new banner, how good does it look :), she is such a clever girl and very nice too which makes it even better. I just want to say a HUGE "thank you" I love it xxxx

Friday, 28 March 2008

Cute Card Thursday

This is my 1st card for Cute Card Thursday I am not quite sure about it, I think it needs something else but my mind has gone blank!!! I may need to add to it later :)
Well I have been in touch with Jo about my new logo so that is all in hand and I am going to find a pic of me to add to my blog (I am sure I have one from a decade ago that might do :)), this is my spring clean I mentioned in my last post. I also have a back log of cards and RAKs that I wanted to send off but they are still here, and challenges that I want to do, where does everyone find the time !!! I suppose I will get there in the end but I am so organised in my head ....or so I think....yet in real life I am a complete mess AH UM never mind :) off to blog hop xx

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Catch up time

I feel I have been neglecting my duties as a good blogger by not leaving as many comments as I should have and not putting all of the lovely awards on my blog when you have so generously given them to me, so this is my catch up, there are no cards just "thank you's" to everyone who has left me lovely comments and have given me some lovely awards which I am very proud of, but I won't be adding them and the reason being that I can not remember who has given me what, with my back (I know......get over it!!!) and the decorating I got a wee bit lost and I wouldn't want to put one on and not the others, I hope you understand and that I am making a bit of sense, I am off now to see if I can spring clean my blog and get a new logo, hopefully there will be a cute card!!! tomorrow :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Tilda and Co Challenge

Here is my 1st go at the Tilda and Co challenge, sorry about the picture but it has been very dull here today.
I have used an image given to me by Sue "thank you" and have coloured her with watercolour pencils the backing papers are from Brenda Walton (k & Co) designer papers, they are gorgeous papers which the pic does no justice to at all,

Don't forget the March Sketch on the post below xxx

March Sketch Only few days to go

Ok we are entering the last few days of my March sketch (31st for last entrants) for my sisters at SBS 9, so I have added all of the cards below which have entered and don't forget there is still time to enter and it is open to everyone, there will be some blog candy for the winners of Dave's favourite Sisters card and Non sisters card, I do have a slight..........ok huge confession to make, while I thought I would add a new post for all the cards I decided to delete the other post ............and yes all of the comments have been deleted too Arrggghhh so I have been to most that I could remember. So I am so sorry if yours is not here but please leave another message so I can add you. Thank you to everyone who has taken part and liked the sketch it does mean a lot to me :) xxx If you still want to have a go just leave a message and I will add you too. xxx

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My Paper World Sketch #7

This is my card for Nicola's sketch, this is a lovely sketch and she has great cards so please go check her out.
I have used hanna shopping stamp and coloured with watercolour pencils the pink backing paper is embossed with the new paisley cuttlebug folder, I waited about 5 weeks for these new ones to arrive and then they came when my back was bad, typical eh!!! anyway back to the card. I have used the spring glitter matstack for the other backing paper, the orange was out of my stash as was the flowers

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Daffodil

Just a quickie before I roll into bed, we have had a lovely weekend with Dave's family but I can not believe how quickly the time goes and how tireing it is having guests, I am so used to it being the 2 of us!!! even Ellie is shattered having a 4 year old chasing her for 2 days poor little thing :). I made a quick card for Easter so thought I would share it with you, hope you all had a lovely Easter and even better there is still the bank holiday to go YEY :)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter

No cards today sorry, just here to wish you a Happy Easter, Dave's sister/bil niece and Mam are coming down from Leeds tonight and staying till tomorrow night so it will be rather busy!! Looking forward to tomorrow where I can eat guilt free chocolate :) hope you all enjoy yours too!

Thursday, 20 March 2008

"Just Because"

I have decided to get more organised and up to date with all of my thank you's, I have been meaning to do it for a while but with my back and changing to my new craft room things have gone a bit pear shaped, so now is the new start, (I went to the Dr's this morning about my back, a absolute waste of time, but that is a whole other story)
I have done a just because stationary folder to put some images in as a RAK for a lovely person who always makes me smile, now I know you all make me smile but I don't have all of your addresses and if I ask then you will know why won't you :) so if anyone wants to give me there address so that now and again I can make you smile one morning when open your post then feel free :)
I just love these folders and they are just sooo simple, I found the tutorial here I used sugar nellie image and coloured her with sakura pens and watercolur pencils, the "just because" message is from studio G, the ribbon, flower and papers were all out of my stash.

Open it up and there is a flap for all of your images or notes etc, a great idea

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

My Paper World Sketch #6

Here is my card card for Nicola's fortnightly sketch over at My Paper World go check it out.
I have used Tilda and coloured her with watercolour pencils and my waterbrush. I have then used 3d foam to lift her slightly, have used green and pink CS for the backing paper and some from the spring matstock, the ric rac ribbon is a lovely velvet xx

Monday, 17 March 2008

Blog Candy

My SBS sister Alex has some yummy candy to give away so go check it out xxx

Sunday, 16 March 2008

My New Craft Room

Well here they are some pictures of my new craft room....oh yes and Dave's office. Now I hope I have not over sold it and you are not bored by me but I do love it :)
The first picture is what you see as you enter the room and I may have to change it around a bit yet but you get the drift

This is the first unit in better detail, as you can see it is a CD rack

A different angle this time, this is the nearly one whole one side of the room, my laptop fits snuggly in the middle
Finally on the end is my beloved printer, I could not live without this {I know I am odd :)} underneath is where I keep most of my 12 x 12 papers and lovely bazzill card stock

Ok you needed to see Dave's office, so here it is.....well that bit on the left :) as you can see I have hijacked another unit, Dave has a few bits on there but not many!!!

When Dave said we could do the room one of his conditions was that he could bring the PS2 up for him to play while I am crafting, well I had to give him something didn't I !!! he did want the Wii up as well but I am not having him with flayling arms distracting me when I am deep in thought crafting :)

These are my storage for my lovely Nesties, I saw the idea on a blog but can not remember which one. They are blank CD cases which I have put a strip of sticky magnet on one side and then I have printed of an insert so I can see which they are. I do love this idea and it keeps them safe and together

Here they are now in my CD rack, see very easy to pick which one I want now

I got this idea from Nicole Heady's blog here, this may be the same place as I found the CD nesties idea but I can not find the link to that one. All the ribbons are wound onto dolly pegs and then a pin is put in to secure, I have quite a few more to do but will get there in time, the jars are from asda at a bargain price of 98p each

Well that is it, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my room. I must admit I love to have a nose so why not add your room to your blog so we can all have a look. I am going now to craft yey xxx

Happy Spring

Well here is my 1st card since my back problem and more importantly in my new craft room, I have used an image Sue gave me a while ago (thank you) I have coloured her with watercolour pencil and a bit of stardust pen for her wings. I have used spring matstack papers for the backing and orange cs. The stamp is "Happy Spring" from stampabilities and then some ribbon to finish.
I will hopefully be back later on today to give you some pics of my new craft room, it still has a few problems to iron out as I found out while making my card last night, but I am definitely a very lucky girl.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

"Back" to normal.....nearly

Well thank you all so much for your good wishes with my back problem, I must admit I have not had this much constant pain ever and must have rattled with the amount of pain killers.....but I am on the mend and just going to take it easy over the next few days. My mom has been a hero, as I mentioned Dave had to leave for his new job at 6am on Monday, so he fetched my mom who stayed with me till he came back at 7pm, she did it again on Tues and Wed what would we do without our Mom's eh!! I see a nice thank you card and a nice bunch of flowers on my list of cards to do. Dave is working at home today and tomorrow so he will be fetching and carrying today :).
Well I am off to see all of the blogs I have been missing so much over the last few days, I have over 250 posts to check out so may be here a while but at least I am up and not flat on my back like the last 4 days so I am not complaining xxxx

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Pulled Muscle (AAGGGGHHHHHH)

Well as you can see there are no pics of my lovely craft room yet, sorry about that. As you know all week we have lugged furniture, beds carpets etc around and decided on Friday to have a meal out as a treat for being so good, you would not believe.... we had our meal, I got up to leave and felt a pain in my back, well more around my kidney area. I could not believe it, I do have quite a weak back and have been so carefull all week only to pull it in the stupidest of places. Yesterday i could hardly move and today is the same so I am sitting here, in my PJ's feeling very sorry for myself. So I have not had chance to finish my room and get any pics on or clean up the rest of the mess which I was going to do over the weekend. Dave starts his new job tomorrow and has to get a train at 6am to Leeds from Birmingham, he had to help me out of bed this morning so that won't be pretty.. Sorry for the moan but I was so looking forward to a new start and it all seems to have gone a bit tits up, xx

Friday, 7 March 2008

Brother-In-Law Birthday

Just a quick card for my Brother in law who loves golf (did you guess) sorry about the pic again, still can not get a decent picture (arrgghhh)

I have nearly finished my craft room and will get some photos on for you to see, it was going swimmingly and then technology reared its ugly head, because Dave will be using it we needed a telephone line, well I thought we had one because of Sky + being in the room and that needs a phone line......well of course it was not that simple so we spent most of one day and night trying to get printers and wireless networks etc set up....but we are nearly there just getting some more of my bits in, and trying to tidy up too. I will put some photos on tomorrow for the big

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Work in progress and post (YAY)

Well I know I am not posting any cards at the moment but thought I would give you a progress report on my craft room, we decided not to wallpaper as it may have been a bit gawdy with all of my crafty bits and big flowered wallpaper!!!. So we have just given it a coat of paint, as you can see below, we also fitted the carpet today, ok we are not carpet fitters by profession but hey ho it is a square room.

Now we have carpet YAY

Now for the good part all of my crafty bits have to be bought into the room (well a third anyway) comes a warning for all of you who are contemplating moving any crafty goodies with your partner, I discovered today how much I had and so did Dave to my horror, and WOW he can moan, it will teach me to ask for help, so the moral of the story is stay put, what they don't know won't hurt them :) and if you do have to move do it alone

and last but definitely not least look what my lovely postman bought me today, I bought these from HM Stamps thank you to Sue for letting us know about this fantastic site and what a service, they were posted 5 days ago from America and only cost $70 in total with postage, I was a bit worried about customs but no problems at all, so now to get the rest my room ready so I can have a play with my new stamps

Monday, 3 March 2008

No cards for a few days

I will not be posting any cards over the next couple of days because me and Dave had the grand idea of decorating our bedroom while he is on holiday this week, now what has this got to do with me not posting any cards I hear you ask..........well, as you may or may not know Dave starts his new job next week and for 2 days a week he will be working at home, so after much deliberation we decided to decorate but instead of using it as a bedroom we are going to change our bedroom into an office/craft room or should I say craft room/office :), and then change our bedroom to the front bedroom, instead of the spare room, I hope you are keeping up this gets very complicated :). We started today and have had to move 2 kingsize beds, furniture, carpets etc etc so at the moment I can not even get to my craft stuff BOO HOO, so tomorrow we will be putting up the wallpaper which was intended for our bedroom but will now be in our craft room/office hope it looks ok, and put a new carpet down and then hopefully we will be able to get my craft stuff in (forget his office stuff :))
I will be taking some photos when it is all done and dusted and will leave you now with my Mother's day card, no don't worry there are no children I have not told you all about, Dave made a card for me from my little doggie Ellie of course she told him what to put and how she wanted it .......... oh dear I think the paint fumes have got to me :)

Don't forget my SBS 9 Sketch everyone is welcome to give it a go and before I forget I have had quite a few awards and tags so I will catch up with those over the next couple of days, but thank you to everyone xxx

Sunday, 2 March 2008

SBS 9 March Sketch

Well here we go, this is my sketch for March for my sisters at SBS 9, this is my first sketch ever so I hope it is ok :)
Please feel free to have a go at my sketch even if you are not one of my sisters, all creations are welcome. Please add a comment and I will add your card to the sketch at the end of the month I will be adding all of the cards (sisters and non sisters), Dave has asked to choose his favourite card (always wants to gets involved) and I will send out some blog candy to the winner of both the winning SBS9 Sister and the Non Sister. Hope this all makes sense!!! I have added my card below. Look forward to seeing all of your lovley creations.

This is my card for the SBS 9 Sketch for March,