Monday, 1 December 2008

Can anyone help? :)

Does any of you know where I can find some of the spellbinder ribbon tags, and double ended tags. I have seen them in the US but the postage is stupid so I wondered if any of you lovely ladies knew of anywhere which does not charge silly money for p&p

Thank you in advance xxx

I now have a yukky head cold which is doing my head in (if you pardon the pun) so my bad luck still rolls on, we had ellie at the vets tonight too, luckily she is fine but she went to get pampered at the groomers yesterday and fainted poor little love, so she has had a check over and as far as they can tell she is ok!.

I promise I will try and get round to everyone soon, I have been looking through but not commenting :)

Hope you are all well and not too stressed with christmas, I know I am :)

Gina xxx


Jeannette said...

Hi Gina, can't help with the Tags I'm afraid but I do hope you get btter soon, especially as it's nearly time for our SU goodies to arrive!

Marlou said...

hi Gina, try creative expressions, they may have them, they do quite a few , let me know if you have any success :) hope you feel well soon :) x

Vee said...

Hi Gina I'm really sorry Ive had a look on the net and can only find them in USA and as you said the postage is rediculous. Hope you get them from somewhere soon. I hate it when I want something and can't find it it's really frustrating. Hugs Vee

Alexandra said...

So sorry you are not feeling well Gina - seems as if everyone is sick!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Wendy said...

Hope you and your puppy are both feeling better soon!! :(

Have a great day!

Jill said...

aww Gina I hope you are feeling better soon hun, I miss your gorgeous cards and creations, sorry I don't know what you are looking for I've never heard of them, hugs Jill x

Milly Moo Cards said...

Hi Gina
This is Terri form Stanmpers 10 Club.
I have found a place in the USA where the tags are 12 dollars a set. I would like some and the shipping for two sets of these tags is 6 dollars plus 6.95 dolars handling charge. If we split the cost that would be about 6.50 dollars each for the shipping. Would you like me to order you a set, we can split the shipping charges and then when they come to me I can send them onto you. Have a think and let me know. Terri

Lynsey said...

Hi Gina
Sorry to hear you have not been well. Take care
Hugs Lynsey :)

lyzzydee said...

Hope is is well with you soon.


Hi hun im sorry you have been poorly i hope you will feel better soon. Could you please email me your address Gina as i cant; find it thank you hun. Hugs Linda x

Maureen said...

Gina - sorry can't help about the spellbinder stuff...and I totally get you about the stress...must run in our SBS9 family!! ;-)

Vee said...

Hi Gina hope you're feeling better I've tagged you details are on my blog. x Vee

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Gina, hope you are ok. Thanks for my gorgeous card - it has pride of place. There's a little something for you on my blog. Hugs, Denise x

Natalie said...

Hi Gina

Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas Card.

Natalie x

Milly Moo Cards said...

Hi Gina

The spellbinder dies have arrived. I have emailed you with all the details. Let me know your address so I can send them on. Love Terri X