Sunday, 26 October 2008

Where has this weekend gone :(

No cards sorry, just an apology again for not getting round to see everyone, I have tried to send a few emails but don't know my email is working properly yet,
I can not believe where the time is going at the moment. The Dirty Dancing tribute night was good fun, we did have to wait around a while, which was the only downside but that was because we arrived to early, they told us 7pm but there were still people turning up at 8pm, and then the act didnt come on until 9.30pm. If you do ever get a chance to go, it is worth it and if you get the same Johnny as we had, well lets just say he was very nice indeed :)
Anyway Dave is back at work tomorrow so I may get some crafting done at last, and I will hopefully get round to you all too at some point
Enjoy what is left of your weekend xxx


Jill said...

Hi Gina, so glad you enjoyed your night hugs Jill x

Viv said...

Oooh! If only it was Patrick!!! Phoarrrr. LOL
Glad you had a great night Gina.
Viv xx