Friday, 24 October 2008

Couple more Birthday cards

Here are a couple of more Birthday cards that I received today, they are from my SBS 9 sisters,

The first is from Katie, it is a gorgeous card and I love the tag and flowers, and I will have to pinch the idea of sewing on the buttons :) thank you Katie xx

The second card is from Lulu, this is another beautiful card, the picture does not do it justice, thank you lulu :) xx


Natalie said...

These are gorgeous Gina. x

LuLu said...

I glad it finally arrived Gina. It sounds like your birthday is going on and on and on ! !

Vee said...

Wow !! lovely cards. x Vee

Katie said...

You are most welcome and I'm glad you liked the card Gina. I hope you had the best birthday!