Sunday, 7 September 2008

Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone,

Oh it is so nice to be back in blog land, it has been quite a while, sorry for my absence but I am back and raring to go, well nearly anyway :)

Thank you to everyone who has left messages for me, I will be popping by all your blogs but it may take a while because you lot have been sooooooooooooo busy :)

I will be having some christmas blog candy in the week to thank everyone, so please pop back and tell all your friends :)

Take care and see you all soon

Gina xxxx


Suzanne said...

So good to have you back! Sue :o)

LuLu said...

Great to see you back in the land of blog and can't wait to see all that you've made.

Ooooohhhhhhhh blog candy again - can't wait to see how you pick the winner this time ! ! !

Natalie said...

It's great to have you back Gina.

Natalie x

Manna said...

Oh, Gina, so glad to have you back with us again!

Katie said...

How lovely to have you back! We've missed you.
Gina's back with blog candy, woo hoo!

You have got the comment moderation on. Go to dashboard then the comments tab and scroll down to word verification and tick the box.


Jill said...

aww Gina, I'm so glad you're back, I missed your cards so much and hearing how you've been doing Hugs Jill x

Marlou said...

awwww, hi gina, lovely to see you back, looking forward to seeing your creations again :) sorry I never got round to sending you the stamped images that I promised ages ago, but a lot has went on in my life over last few months, I was in hospital for 4 weeks, mid June through to July and I lost my Grandfather 5 weeks ago, I was very close to him. When I get a chance I will post you some :) x

Vicki said...

Hiya Gina,

Oh how lovely to have you back. I too shall be doing some blog candy in the next few days. Look forward to taking part with yours and seeing some of your lovely creations. xx vicki xx

Viv said...

Welcome back Gina!! You've been sorely missed. It was lovely to see your comment on my blog. Now get creating!!!! LOL Viv xx

Han said...

Hi u nice to have you back looking forward to seeing your creations xx

Maureen said...

Yeah! Welcome back! We did surely miss you! Glad things seem to be settling down for you - and you need your therapy - uh- I mean stamping!! LOL look forward to your beautiful creations sistah!

Tarasdesigns said...

great to see you back Gina, I was getting worried about you x