Monday, 14 April 2008


I have been messing around as you do because I wanted to add a photo gallery of all of my cards down the side bar, I have seen this on a lot of blogs so thought I would give it a go, anyhow my messing has now got rid of some of my cards. I did it through google photos on my google reader if that helps..........because it sure don't help me AAARRRGGHHHH I love computers but sometimes I could throw them through the bleeeeeeping window :)
Any ideas anyone...........PLEASE!!!! :)
Oh I have just remembered my pictures that are lost are still there in the blog folder :{
Thank you xxxx


Maureen said...

sure wish I could help, but I have no idea what google did...I too love my puter, but wish it to a very HOT place at times ...LOL...and I always end up taking HOURS to do something I think is going to be easy(never is) I am wishing you a ton of luck....and I am glad the pics are still in a file you can get to! God Bless!

All Pink girl said...

Arr Gina thats terrible ,my hubbies has to do mine i am so sorry but i dont do tecnical ,hopefully some one will know what to do ,Dawnx

LuLu said...

I manage to do what I need to do on the PC and anything a wee bit taxing, I call for my 15 year old son who comes to my rescue. He thinks of me as very sad at times because of lack of knowledge ! ! !