Monday, 3 March 2008

No cards for a few days

I will not be posting any cards over the next couple of days because me and Dave had the grand idea of decorating our bedroom while he is on holiday this week, now what has this got to do with me not posting any cards I hear you ask..........well, as you may or may not know Dave starts his new job next week and for 2 days a week he will be working at home, so after much deliberation we decided to decorate but instead of using it as a bedroom we are going to change our bedroom into an office/craft room or should I say craft room/office :), and then change our bedroom to the front bedroom, instead of the spare room, I hope you are keeping up this gets very complicated :). We started today and have had to move 2 kingsize beds, furniture, carpets etc etc so at the moment I can not even get to my craft stuff BOO HOO, so tomorrow we will be putting up the wallpaper which was intended for our bedroom but will now be in our craft room/office hope it looks ok, and put a new carpet down and then hopefully we will be able to get my craft stuff in (forget his office stuff :))
I will be taking some photos when it is all done and dusted and will leave you now with my Mother's day card, no don't worry there are no children I have not told you all about, Dave made a card for me from my little doggie Ellie of course she told him what to put and how she wanted it .......... oh dear I think the paint fumes have got to me :)

Don't forget my SBS 9 Sketch everyone is welcome to give it a go and before I forget I have had quite a few awards and tags so I will catch up with those over the next couple of days, but thank you to everyone xxx


Alexandra said...

Well, it sure sounds like you are getting a craft room so I say forget about posting and get on with it girl - LOL! How exciting, can't wait to see pics!!! And, I am getting ready to do your sketch...*STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Andrea, said...

Fab card, what a cute little dog. Hope the decorating goes ok.

Suzanne said...

Ahh Gina your baby is so cute!!! don't worry I used to get mother's days cards from my 2!!!! Oh haw lovely a nice new craft room I am sure Dave's things will fit into a little corner!!! have fun and I look forward to seeing some pics. Su :o)

Manna said...

Have fun decorating. And don't forget to enjoy precious time together with Dave!

NattyK said...

Cannot wait to see the pictures of your new craft room, sorry office/craft room. LOL. The card from your doggie is adorable. x

My Paper World said...

Awwwwww! Ellie is adorable! Your new room sounds fab! I can't wait to see the pics!
I finally found the stamp! Your C.Central must be more up to date than mine! LOL!
That might be my nearest CC one day!, we are thinking about moving to Warwickshire.( I think that's near there, but not too sure!)
I have a choice of two from here, but mine are also a 30 minute drive away( but I agree, well worth it!) but I wish that they had more choice of stamps! I am so hooked on stamping now!
Nicola xx

Maureen said...

Good luck with the rest of your decorating...and your doggie is too cute! You know I am a sucker for cute puppies!!