Thursday, 27 March 2008

Catch up time

I feel I have been neglecting my duties as a good blogger by not leaving as many comments as I should have and not putting all of the lovely awards on my blog when you have so generously given them to me, so this is my catch up, there are no cards just "thank you's" to everyone who has left me lovely comments and have given me some lovely awards which I am very proud of, but I won't be adding them and the reason being that I can not remember who has given me what, with my back (I know......get over it!!!) and the decorating I got a wee bit lost and I wouldn't want to put one on and not the others, I hope you understand and that I am making a bit of sense, I am off now to see if I can spring clean my blog and get a new logo, hopefully there will be a cute card!!! tomorrow :)


Suzanne said...

Love the new signiture and good luck with the spring clean!! Who would have thought 6 months ago when we started it would have ended up being such a sucsess!!!
Are we going to get a picci of you lol
Sue :o)

tiina38 said...

Very nice card!